Travel Words in Indonesian Language: Enhancing Your Indonesian Travel Experience


Indonesia, with its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and warm-hearted people, has become an increasingly popular travel destination. Whether you are planning a trip to Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, or any other enchanting Indonesian city, learning a few travel words in the local language will significantly enhance your experience. In this article, we will introduce you to some essential travel phrases, expressions, and useful vocabulary in Indonesian that will help you navigate through the country effortlessly.

1. Greetings and Basic Phrases

When visiting a new country, it is always polite to learn some basic greetings and phrases. The same goes for Indonesia, where a warm smile and a few Indonesian words can go a long way in building connections with locals. Here are some common greetings and phrases:

  1. Selamat pagi – Good morning
  2. Selamat siang – Good afternoon
  3. Selamat sore – Good evening
  4. Selamat malam – Good night
  5. Terima kasih – Thank you
  6. Sama-sama – You’re welcome
  7. Tolong – Please
  8. Permisi – Excuse me
  9. Maaf – Sorry

2. Getting Around

While exploring Indonesia, you will likely find yourself relying on various modes of transportation. Knowing the right travel words will make your journey smoother. Here are some essential travel words and phrases for getting around:

  • Transportasi – Transportation
  • Taksi – Taxi
  • Bus – Bus
  • Kereta – Train
  • Ojek – Motorcycle taxi
  • Bandara – Airport
  • Stasiun – Station
  • Terminal – Terminal
  • Di mana stasiun kereta? – Where is the train station?
  • Berapa harga tiket? – How much is the ticket?
  • Mau ke (destination) – I want to go to (destination)

3. Accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation is crucial for a comfortable stay in Indonesia. Whether you are looking for a hotel, guesthouse, or homestay, these travel words will come in handy:

  • Hotel – Hotel
  • Penginapan – Guesthouse
  • Rumah makan – Restaurant
  • Kamar – Room
  • Kamar mandi – Bathroom
  • Sarapan – Breakfast
  • Pesan – Reserve
  • Check-in – Check-in
  • Check-out – Check-out
  • Boleh saya lihat kamar terlebih dahulu? – Can I see the room first?
  • Apakah sarapan termasuk? – Is breakfast included?

4. Dining Out

Indonesia is a haven for food enthusiasts, and trying out local cuisine is a must-do. Here are some travel words and phrases to help you navigate Indonesian menus and dining experiences:

  • Makanan – Food
  • Minuman – Drinks
  • Nasi – Rice
  • Mie – Noodles
  • Ayam – Chicken
  • Ikan – Fish
  • Sayuran – Vegetables
  • Pedas – Spicy
  • Manis – Sweet
  • Tolong bawa menu bahasa Inggris – Please bring an English menu
  • Saya alergi terhadap (food) – I am allergic to (food)

5. Sightseeing and Exploring

Indonesia offers a plethora of breathtaking sights and landmarks, and knowing the right travel words will enhance your exploration experience. Here are some essential words and phrases for sightseeing:

  • Candi – Temple
  • Pantai – Beach
  • Gunung – Mountain
  • Hutan – Forest
  • Kota – City
  • Pasar – Market
  • Taman – Park
  • Museum – Museum
  • Pemandangan – View
  • Tiket masuk – Entrance ticket
  • Apa ada pemandu wisata yang berbicara bahasa Inggris? – Is there an English-speaking tour guide?


Learning travel words in Indonesian can greatly enhance your travel experience in Indonesia. The locals will appreciate your efforts, and you will find it easier to navigate through the country, interact with people, and immerse yourself in the rich Indonesian culture. Remember to practice these words and phrases before your trip, and don’t hesitate to use them during your travels. Selamat jalan! (Have a good trip!)

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